Thursday, May 28, 2015

When It Comes To Shopping For Deals And Discounts, What Card Are You Carrying In Your Wallet?

Of course, as shoppers we all rely on credit and debit cards but those little pieces of plastic are really changing! Millions of consumers now have cards with a microchip built into the card. This provides for a more secure transaction and prevents counterfeit cards. However, it requires retailers to read the card with an updated terminal and many have not yet invested in that technology. Also, since many of the new cards or readers don't have a PIN option, there is still the risk of lost or stolen cards being fraudulently used. Below is the link from the National Retail Federation for some more scoop.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SpecialsAgent Recommends Father's Day Gift Ideas. Mark The Day...Sunday, June 21st.

OK, so here's the commercial reality...Father's Day will always take a back seat to Mother's Day.  Of course, it's unfair but most Dads are just fine with that . While Mother's Day is a huge day for flowers, cards, gifts, fancy chocolates and over-priced brunch, Father's Day too often gets just a verbal mention or maybe a card made in school. A wrapped gift or a walk in the park would be nice! Sometimes the day comes and goes with no acknowledgement...that's not so OK but it happens.  Either way, it's no Mother's Day!  

So, at SpecialsAgent we have over 40 gift ideas that your Dad will like...from Mrs. Fields cookies to autographed baseballs to some cool electronic gear....all with great promotional offers that we know he will appreciate!  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Special. She'd Love Exceptionally Tasty Chocolates While You Save 15% From FannieMay. Promo code 39984

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The Way We Shop Has Completely Transformed In The Last 10 Years. And That Has A Huge Impact On Promotional Offers.

Most of us can recall just 10 short years ago when large-scale shopping malls attracted throngs of shoppers on busy weekends.  At the time, it was a smart, efficient place to visit many stores and get lots of shopping done. Those days are gone!  Now with the rise of internet shopping and online price comparisons and promotional offers, the physical space of these malls are (or will be) undergoing substantial changes. 

One idea is that instead of being filled with traditional shopping retailers, the mall can morph into an "all" by bringing in such day-to-day merchants as laundry cleaners, hardware stores, grocers, drug stores and even gas stations.  Yes, perhaps sort of a glorified strip mall but appealing to consumers who still prefer to have a single, convenient shopping destination...but just not for the specialty goods of "shopping" retailers. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

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SpecialsAgent Recommends Reading Forbes Article On The 8 Ways Buying Luxury Products & Services Will Change.

For decades, buying luxury goods has meant a trip to the store although gradually high-end brands have been exploring e-commerce. This Forbes article cites 8 ways merchants for luxury products and services are reaching their targeted shoppers...and how they are adjusting their merchandising and pricing strategies. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

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